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What if you had the power to tap into the knowledge of your past lives? Would you listen to what they had to say? 

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About the Book

In Your Soul’s History, Sandra Curry Keller writes that “your soul is a continuous piece of thread that goes on and on from your beginning until the very end.” 

Each life you have lived in the past is etched into your soul and is having major impacts on your present world. Your Soul’s History will guide you down a spiritual journey to understand who you really are—and who you have been. 

In this personal memoir Sandra shares her unique experience with regression therapy that helped unlock her past lives and affirmed what she already knew about herself and her powerful spiritual abilities. These past lives also carried messages for her future that were vital as she prepared to enter the fight of a lifetime trying to save her family’s heritage in Cape Cod. After a tremendous eight-year struggle she was imparted with her greatest gift of all: automatic writing through spirit. 

Are you ready to channel your higher self for guidance, soul healing, and a stronger awareness of your divine connection? Read Your Soul’s History today and begin your spiritual journey.

This is Sandra Keller’s story of her life struggles, and overcoming them. This book is an easy read, and uplifting. I think we all can relate in some way to the obstacles put before her. She is truly an amazing woman. I am looking forward to books 2, and 3. I will be sharing this book with my friends and family.

A really good book. I recommend it.

August 25, 2022

Steven Smith

5.0 out of 5 stars

Available in Paperback & eBook. Order Today!

A Note From The Author

The whole purpose in writing this book is to teach my readers, how important it is to seek and explore the history of your soul. Two lifetimes come together out of the sands of time, with an Egyptian man who leaves Egypt to travel. He shares the history of meeting the most important man, named Jesus. In another lifetime, a woman shares a promise given to her father, to fight for historical family land on Cape Cod. The strong bond of past and present lives can no longer be denied, as these two are connected spiritually. 

Listen to Sandra Curry Keller go through a past life regression.

About Sandra

Sandra Curry Keller was born and raised in Cape Cod and studied spiritualism for ten years before receiving her gift of automatic writing. Several lifetimes ago she lived as an Egyptian man who walked with Jesus Christ and helped spread His message. Now, when not writing Sandra likes to read, travel to unknown places, give readings, study astrology, and spend time in her garden.

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